The Self-Adhesive Twinlock Sleeves Video

The self-adhesive sleeve that saves time and money The Twinlock sleeve is compressible and self-adhesive meaning that tape is no longer necessary to mount your printing plates. The sleeve’s adhesive qualities are easily reactivated simply by cleaning its tacky surface thus making it ready to hold the next set of plates. The adhesion is permanent and guaranteed for the life of the base sleeve.



Polymount Plate Cleaner Video

The Polymount Plate Cleaner is a high quality industrial product that is built using the most robust components available. The machine is practically maintenance free and has evolved into a very user friendly machine with minimum handling.



Polymount Film Cleaner Video

The Polymount Film Cleaner cleans your printed film and enables you to reuse this film for the next set-up of a new print job. Instead of ending up with thousands of meters of waste set-up film we have developed a machine, which allows you to reuse your set-up film over and over again.



The new Twinlock handling video: Semi automatic mounting


The new Twinlock handling video: Manual Mounting