Fujifilm Illumina LED Retrofit System

Fujifilm has developed a new technology that is helping flexo printers increase production speeds and significantly reduce energy costs. This new technology is a UV LED curing retrofit system that can convert any traditional UV or waterbase flexo press and provides and impressive ROI. The unique patented technology of the illumina system runs so cool that even the most heat-sensitive films can be produced without chill drum rollers. And unlike other LED systems, the water circulation system does not require coolant. It generates so little heat that lap temperatures can be maintained by simply circulating distilled water at room temperature.


The Onset X3-C from Fujifilm



Fujifilm Acuity F white on kraft

The Fujifilm Acuity F-67 applied to the corrugated display and packaging market is shown here using its white ink channel to print on a kraft B flute sheet. The white is important for this type of "brown box" work and allows lighter and brighter colors to be printed successfully on dark or colored media. The workflow allows for printing of the white in line with the 6-Color ink set allowing the file to be printed in one print cycle. The extremely precise mechanics of the printer will allow separate printing of the white then colors if desired.