Treofan launches new IML label film EWR50 to the market: More efficiency with only 50µm film thickness

Higher surface yield in label production for in-mould labels (IML)

Raunheim, Germany, February 27th 2018 - The new version of the IML label film EWR from BOPP specialist Treofan is now even thinner. With a thickness of 50?m, it offers greater efficiency and larger surface yield - with the same product properties. This greatly benefits brand manufacturers and converters in the food and packaging industry.

The new EWR50 film has a thickness of 50?m. The average surface yield significantly increases to 20.8 m2/kg. By comparison, the previous EWR57 film with 57?m thickness provided a surface yield of 18.3 m2/kg.

Just like the EWR57, the solid white EWR50 enables the efficient production of labels. The IML decoration with EWR labels gives packaging the desired high gloss look. EWR is specifically developed for in-mould labels for PP and PE injection moulding. With good antistatic properties, web flatness and machinability, it is ideally suited for offset sheet-fed printing with UV curing and oxidative drying inks, as well as for gravure and UV-flexo printing.

With the introduction of this new film type, Treofan - a pioneer and market leader in the IML field - continues to expand its product portfolio in close cooperation with partners and customers. "The new EWR50 is geared towards the increasing market demands in terms of efficiency and yield combined with excellent quality," says Joachim Jung, responsible for Product Management and Business Development at Treofan.

First customer reactions to the new product are very positive. Mark Taylor, Manager of UK label printer "Reflex Labels", comments: "The new EWR50 impresses with superior production performance: The moulding reject rate is significantly reduced compared to competitive IML products."

The Treofan Group is a leading global manufacturer of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP films) for packaging, labels and technical applications. Treofan has over 40 years of experience in the BOPP market and has positioned itself as a worldwide premium provider to FMCG brand manufactures and their converters, as well as the tobacco and electrical industries. With great innovation, Treofan offers high-quality film products and tailor-made, intelligent solutions - in more than 90 countries. The Treofan Group employs approximately 1,100 people and operates four production sites in Germany, Italy and Mexico.

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