Webinar: 5 Essential Steps to Accurate On-Press Color

On-press control is critical for you to consistently produce and sell higher quality prints. But what steps are necessary to make sure that the color printed is the precise color your customer wanted?

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Wednesday, February 28th - 2:00PM EST

Join esteemed color expert, John Seymour, as he describes the journey to consistently accurate color, from the formulation of ink, to the adjustment of solids on press, to plates curves, and finally to full profiling of the press. Along the way, he’ll discuss spot colorsSCTVG7 and extended gamut.

Whether you’re getting ready to add your first measurement device, researching what’s changed, or exploring how to adhere to industry standards, you’ll find John’s 1-hour presentation informative and entertaining.

John Seymour is an Applied Mathematician, Color Scientist, and author of the popular John the Math Guy blog. He’s been doing research in printing, color theory, and imaging since 1992. He currently holds twenty two patents and has authored over thirty technical papers. He’s an expert on the Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards, and Vice President of Papers for the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts.


Source Techkon