Toyo Ink Group to Highlight Food Safety & Waste, Sustainability at interpack 2017
April 7, 2017, Tokyo, Japan— Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., Toyochem Co., Ltd. and Toyo Ink Europe, N.V., all member companies of the Toyo Ink Group, in cooperation with their sister subsidiaries (Toyo Ink Europe Specialty Chemicals S.A.S, Toyo-Morton, Ltd., Toyo ADL Corp., and Toyo Printing Inks Inc.), will be jointly exhibiting their latest innovations in package printing and converting at interpack 2017. The event will take place May 4 to 10, at the Fairgrounds Düsseldorf in Germany.

Food manufacturers and brand owners are increasingly expected to consider both the environmental and social impact of the production lines and supply chains used to manufacture and deliver their products. The Toyo Ink Group continues to focus on providing Ethical Packaging Solutions and has adopted this as its show theme and the core focus for its product portfolio. At the Toyo Ink Group booth in Hall 18, Stand D15, the companies will demonstrate how their unique printing ink and coating solutions can help manufacturers develop and distribute the ethical products required by today's consumers. Solutions will be highlighted under the three key categories of Food Safety, Food Wastage and Sustainability.

Food & Beverage Safety

Low-migration ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB)-curable inks feature non-petroleum solvents, leaving food packages free from residual compounds. Closely focused on the development of EB technology, Toyo Ink will spotlight the Elex-one™ series of EB flexo inks at interpack 2017. Elex-one inks are 100% solid—an industry first—and contain no VOCs or photoinitiators. Elex-one and other liquid ink products will be sold and distributed through Toyo Ink Europe's sales offices.

What is more, interpack attendees are invited to attend a special seminar on new EB technologies for packaging that Toyo Ink will hold together with its development partners, Uteco Group and Energy Sciences Inc. The seminars will be held on May 5 and 8 at the CCD (Congress Center Düsseldorf). For more information, visit

Under the Food Safety banner, the Group will also showcase its total solution approach to metal package production, including its popular can coatings that are free of bisphenol A (BPA) and fully compliant with food contact regulations, and its low-temperature curing or UV-curing varnishes that deliver energy savings.

Food Preservation & Wastage

With one-third of the world's food production currently being discarded, retort pouches offer a way to extend the shelf-life of items and effectively reduce waste. Toyo Ink, a pioneer in retort technology, will feature its TOMOFLEX™ series of high-performance laminating adhesives for retort. TOMOFLEX, an FDA §177.1390-compliant product, offers superior acid resistance, resulting in excellent stability in lamination strength after retort treatment. In addition, Toyo Ink will showcase its innovative LIOFLEX™ AQUA LIONA™ NF series of high-speed flexo inks for retort food packaging. This new series was designed to address the growing demand for EU-regulation compliant, water-based products for the global flexible packaging market.

Toyo Ink Europe Specialty Chemicals offers a wide range of color and functional masterbatch solutions for plastics. Featured at interpack 2017 will be its Lioplax™ series of masterbatch that exhibits high UV light shielding properties, helping to protect the quality of content, such as beer or milk, in PET bottles.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

As a manufacturer of chemical compounds, the Toyo Ink Group gives a high priority to the creation of new materials that do not require petroleum solvents. One such product that exemplifies this is the LABELMELT™ series of hot-melt adhesives by Toyo ADL. Comprised of plant-derived raw materials, LABELMELT is suitable for recycling because it is solvent-free. By using this product, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 96% over conventional steam-heated, shrink-sleeve labeling systems.

In the growing area of sustainable packaging solutions, the Toyo Ink Group will demonstrate how its vast expertise and experiences can help brand owners not only cut the use of VOCs, but also reduce waste, conserve energy while addressing regulatory concerns and the print quality demands of their customers.

Also on display at interpack will be a wide range of processing solutions that increase productivity and reduce operational costs. For in-line laminating systems, the FLASH DRY™ FL Kaleido™ series of UV flexo inks by Toyo Ink, when combined with the REXWIN™ UA-B2 series of UV adhesives by Toyochem, achieves ultra-high production efficiencies in the reverse printing of pouches for non-food applications, such as consumer goods.

These and many more packaging solutions will be highlighted at the Toyo Ink Group booth.

About Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.
Toyo Ink, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd., oversees the Group's Printing and Information and the Packaging Materials business segments. It is the driving force behind the Group's graphic arts companies in Japan and abroad. Leveraging its high technical expertise, the company brings color and function to virtually all aspects of life. In addition to high quality, high value-added, environmentally friendly printing inks for every type of printing, the company provides tools and solutions for consumer safety and security including printing process standards support, assistance with energy saving, materials saving and environmental response, universal design and food sanitation management. For more information, visit

About Toyochem Co., Ltd.
Toyochem, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink Group, oversees the Toyo Ink Group's Polymers and Coatings-related business segment as a core operating company is headquartered in Tokyo and has three production facilities in Saitama and Hyogo prefectures, Japan. Based on the Toyo Ink Group's polymer design technologies accumulated over a century of product development, Toyochem produces polymers, adhesive tapes, marking films and coatings for a wide array of fields. Since 2015, the company has adopted the slogan “Polymerizing the Ideas of Tomorrow,” which embodies its commitment to constantly bring new value to people's lives by delivering new solutions based on polymers as their core material. For more information, visit

About Toyo Ink Europe N.V.
Toyo Ink Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink Group, is a leading manufacturer of UV and EB inks and coatings for the global label, packaging and printing markets. Originally founded in 1938, the company, then Arets Graphics, was acquired by Toyo Ink SC Holdings in 2013. Today, Toyo Ink Europe specializes in developing high-speed curing and low migration solutions for label printing, flexible packaging and carton packaging. With operations in 10 countries, the company maintains its head office and a state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facility in Niel, Belgium. For more information, visit

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