Conferência Intercontinental de Flexografia - Setembro 14-15, 2017
Participate in the biggest technological event of flexography and digital conversion in Latin America

Only knowledge builds. From a rudimentary process with aniline ink and manually carved rubber cliché, flexography has evolved and evolved over a span of a few decades, making it the most versatile, sophisticated and globalized printing process, printing from carton boxes, Labels, brochures, decorative papers, newspapers to flexible plastic packaging, electronic circuits and all kinds of materials. 

It should be remembered that flexography was born precisely in a forum like the CIF, when it was renamed and officially became flexography. Since then, a flood of new technologies has pushed it to the top of the list - more than 70% of the world's printed packaging is flexographic, just to illustrate its relevance in the graphic field.

The ABFLEXO / FTA Brasil - Brazilian Technical Flexography Association, in partnership with ProjetoPack & Associados, brings another edition of this event that, in 2015, gathered in more than 15 hours of content, 18 national and international lecturers - flexography and conversion specialists Digital services throughout the chain of machines, supplies and services - speaking to a select audience of more than 500 listeners, professionals of high decision-making power in the flexographic market.

Being present at the CIF is mandatory for any company that markets products and services for flexography. Whether as a speaker and sponsor, or as a listener enrolled in his lectures. Do not miss this opportunity to configure in the exclusive roll of sponsors of the most important event in the flexographic industry: guarantee your quota immediately!

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Source: Projeto Pack