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Printers are seeing significant improvements in the quality of their work following the switch from mercury vapor to UV-LED inks, from more vibrant colors and sharper dots to better folding and lamination results.

Studies have suggested that LED systems use 60-80% less energy than mercury lamps.

Print companies have also noted the faster production output in general, with time saved each day with the new equipment. LED lamp power has certainly increased dramatically, and while it continues to increase, Nazdar Ink Technologies continues to develop superior products that take full advantage of this technology.
Since 1922, Nazdar has partnered with printers by providing quality ink products and service with the assurance of the strongest warranty in the industry.

Our years in business have taught us that our success depends on continually developing new inks for the changing technologies in the market.

In 2009, Nazdar pioneered the development of UV-LED curing digital inkjet and screen printing inks, and worked in close co-operation with a number of technology partners in development and testing.

Nazdar continues to work closely with both OEM partners and end-users, and today we now manufacture the most comprehensive range of application specific UV-LED inks for digital inkjet, screen printing and narrow web.

For a summary of UV-LED ink benefits, please watch our brief video:

Whatever your UV-LED ink requirements, digital inkjet, screen, and narrow web, whether you're an end-user looking for optimal performance or an OEM looking for an ink partner - talk to Nazdar today, we have UV-LED ink experts available to answer your questions.


Source: Nazdar