Labels Made from Rocks, Not Trees

Label Impressions' FiberStone® is one of the smartest and most eco-friendly ideas ever created - a unique, durable paper label material made from natural stone rather than trees. It combines the conformability, durablity, and toughness of a film label, the aesthetic qualities of a paper label, and the sustainability of a "green label."

Both virgin and recycled papers create thousands of gallons of waste water and an enormous amount of consumed energy. FiberStone® labels creates absolutely NO waste water, uses HALF the energy of virgin paper, and 1/3 the energy of recycled paper. Plus, the labels are 100% waterproof, long-lasting, and just as attractive as conventional paper or film products.

Label Impressions in partnership with Natural Source Printing, Inc. is the exclusive source for FiberStone® labels. In addition to supplying this innovative, environmentally responsible solution, your labels will also be produced in a wind-powered, certified carbon neutral facility. Together we can work to keep our environment healthy "one label at a time."

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Source: Label Impressions