FTA Europe Session at the ATIF Flexo Day in Italy

On the 15th of November, the FTA Europe Session was held in Bologna during the 2017 Italian ATIF Flexo Day. For the first time during one of the FTA Europe members’ congresses, an entire panel was dedicated to foreign speakers, who gave a fruitful contribution to the conference by sharing their experience about flexo.

The FTA Europe Session was animated by Peter Verryt from Fujifilm - "How to make Flexo printers more efficient", Paul Horton from Parkside - "Discovery Parkside and prepress", Kai Laikinen from Marvaco - "Expanded Gamut Printing in Real Practice", and Tim Claypole (in the picture) from the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating/Swansea University – “Effect of surface patterning and profile on the image quality”. The panellists provided useful and interesting information about the current developments of the flexo technology, and highlighted the importance of similar initiatives to foster the cooperation between European associations. Moreover, Xavier Boadas, President of ATEF Spain and fluent in Italian, gave the entire ATIF Flexo Day another touch of internationalisation by moderating all the sections of the Congress.

Finally, the participants warmly greeted and applauded Sante Conselvan whose mandate as President of ATIF is ending in June 2018. President Conselvan will continue acting as President of FTA Europe until June 2019. FTA Europe thanks ATIF for the opportunity offered to the European flexo association, and welcomes similar initiatives during other national flexo congresses.

For more information please contact Luca Conti, lconti@fta-europe.eu, +32 (0) 2230 86 46.

Source: FTA  Europe