Flint Group expands portfolio of direct engravable plates for high quality pad printing
05.04.2017 - nyloprint® DLE 45 S plate for high-quality pad printing -

nyloprint® DLE 45 S pad printing plate shows superior print quality with applications where an especially high ink transfer is required

  •  Highest resolution for the reproduction of finest image details

  • Improved process stability due to only one processing step, the direct laser engraving, to create a finished pad printing plate

After the successful market introduction of the nyloprint® DLE 30 S direct engravable pad printing plate in 2015, Flint Group Flexographic Products is now expanding the portfolio. Due to its thicker relief layer and the improved ink transfer, the new nyloprint® DLE 45 S plate for high-quality pad printing is well-suited for all applications where a particularly high ink transfer is required like printing on toy figures, model trains, golf balls and the imprinting of automotive parts. nyloprint® DLE 45 S will be available to the market as of April 2017.

The nyloprint® DLE S achieves compared to aloxide plates in addition to high resolution a particularly good ink lay down in the solid areas and linework. Further, it is recognised for its very good cup gliding characteristics and stability on press together with an excellent ink transfer – also with closed ink cup systems. Customer tests show, that print jobs of 40.000 impressions are possible without entailing any loss in quality. With a screen ruling of 380 lpi, even the finest details can be reproduced. The nyloprint® DLE S plates are suitable with all standard laser systems: with CO2, fibre and diode laser systems and also with standard ablation laser systems for flexo and letterpress plates.

Compared to conventional processing of pad printing plates, the main advantage of nyloprint® DLE S is the easy and fast processing. Only one processing step – the direct laser engraving – is necessary to create a finished pad printing plate. The usual processing steps of exposing, washing and drying are not necessary, and an enhanced and consistent print quality is achieved. There can be no defects caused by dust and damaged films and no data loss during transfer. In addition, there are no further costs for additional consumables such as film and film chemistry. Precise and reliable definition of engraving depth results in stable and repeatable print quality. A straight cell geometry leads to improved ink transfer.

Flint Group Flexographic Products is the market leader in manufacturing polymer pad printing plates. With the nyloprint® programme, Flint Group offers an unmatchable portfolio of high-performance printing plates and equipment for letterpress, dry offset, pad printing and security print applications.

About Flint Group:
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Source: Flint Group