If Flega Advertised Like Apple

You know this: If a company like Apple announces a presentation, a murmur goes through the media and the world is waiting impatiently for new products. When it is time, the developers describe their latest innovations as if they were to change our lives. This is celebrated as a mass and the audience listens and stares at the stage.

We just wondered what would happen if you apply this perfected presentation method to an advertisement for labels. Well, Felga has tried it. Here you can see the result, a great video clip about innovative, weatherproof labels.

Take a look at how Emil Épicéa and David Polyethylentopoulos explain their simple but challenging message and mission: to reinvent the label. In the legendary Apple style, the two products are presented: once the Smart Tag, a unique Loop Lock Label, the classic among the Stick-in Labels, the revolutionary Woody Tag made of wood.

We produce labels for every application

We hope you enjoyed the video. Felga did not reinvent the label, of course. But we still offer innovative and, above all, robust identification solutions for almost all industries and applications. Printed or unprinted, on sheets and on rolls, made of different plastics, resistant to weather and other environmental influences. You can find our range in our catalog and on the website http://www.felga.de. If you would like to know more about our broad portfolio, simply contact us directly. We are happy to help!


Source: Felga