LED CAST CURE is a method to create micro structure (such as holographic effect, optical effect and so on)on printed film or paper through LED curing process. The general process include two nip rolls, one is called as master cylinder on which have holographic or other micro structure feature, and the other is pressure rubber roller. When film or paper pass through these two pressure, the holographic image on master cylinder will be casted on the surface of film or paper. The LED curing lamp will dry LID lacquer on film or paper after casting process, so holographic or other micro structure will be on surface as well. Compared with traditional UV cast and cure process, LED curing system use typical single wavelength, for example 395nm or 385nm, which is easier pass through film if the lamp is installed on the back side of film. Also LED curing system use cold light source so curing temp is also lower than Traditional UV lamp. Because LED lacquer is single wave length, so it will not by dried by visible light.

Source: DPL Industri A/S