Brandimage creates the new store concept for the chocolatier Corné Port-Royal

Paris, May 11, 2017 — Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, is proud to announce the release of the new Corné Port-Royal store concept.

After redefining the visual identity and the packaging lines for Corné Port-Royal, Brandimage creates the new store concept of the chocolatier, welcoming, joyful, modern, with innovative custom-made furniture.

Highlighting the iconic signs of the brand, the concept invites clients to discover the whole product range, from chocolates à la carte to gift boxes. United by the symbolic ribbon that runs throughout the entire concept like a guideline, the shop generously displays the products with personalized furniture, lighting and iconography.

Brandimage defined an emblematic retail space for Corné Port-Royal, that embodies the tradition and know-how of the Belgian chocolatier in a modern environment.

A concept that highlights the brand’s values

Brandimage has imagined a concept that gives life to the brand, highlighting its brand values, its know-how, and the quality of its products. The key element of this strategy is the ribbon that acts like a guideline all along the customer journey. From the outside to the inside, it accompanies the purchase and brings meaning to the visit, enriched by the notion of surpise.

The custom-made furniture designed by Brandimage stages the universe of the chocolaterie with counters shaped like gift boxes and other display furniture stimulating the delightful discovery of chocolates.

Light projected through round shaped suspended fixtures contrast with the rectangular shape of the brand’s packaging and relevantly recalls the roundness of the brand logotype, thus creating a coherent and harmonious ensemble. The subtle touches of light inserted within wall elements echoing with both the yellow and other packaging colors, relevantly embellish the products and stimulate visitor’s imagination.

With this new concept, Branidmage creates a genuine experience for the customers by playing with the senses of sight, smell and taste. Warm color shades and the ribbon encourage the consumer to come inside and discover the brand new universe of the maison Corné Port-Royal.


About Corné Port-Royal

Corné Port-Royal is famous for beeing one of the best Belgian chocolatiers. It was recently acquired by the group Neuhas Holding. The brand was founded by Maurice Corné, originally a confectioner who decided to take his chances upon opening up his first chocolaterie in 1932. The success of this shop in Brussels, encourages him to continue developing his network throughtout Belgium, prior to exporting it to France. Today, Corné Port-Royal builds on eighty five years of experience and still preserves  the traditional recipes of gourmand artisanat.



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