HD Flexo advertising bags from Prolamina win first place with flexographic printing plates from Asahi
23 Jun 2017

Tokyo, Japan, and Brussels, Belgium, June 23, 2017 - Asahi Photoproducts, a leader in the development of photopolymer printing plates for flexographic printing, and Correct-Touch Graphic Arts, the sole distributor of Asahi flexographic printing plates in the US, today announced , A packaging that Dixie Graphics and Prolamina have produced with Asahi AWP TM flexographic printing plates with Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer to self-promotion, has won the first place in this category at the 2017 Excellence in Flexography Awards. The competition contest, an HD Flexo Water Bag, is the latest in an impressive series of awards that Asahi flexographic printing plates received at international events in 2017.

The FTA judges stressed that the bag "has a great color palette, crisp text and an outstanding tonal range. Overall a very impressive performance. "

"It would have been almost impossible to produce this product in the same quality with other flexographic printing plates," says Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager at Asahi Photoproducts Europe. "We are also grateful to Dixie Graphics for the production of the high-quality printing plates and Prolamina for the outstanding execution of the printing production."

"This award is another convincing example of the high quality that can be achieved with the Asahi flexographic printing plates with Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer ," said Scott Keran, President of Correct-Touch Graphic Arts. "We are proud to be the sole distributor of this amazing product line in the US. This contest is distinguished by its very good color coverage, brilliant colors, a complex layout and a clearly legible punctuation. It is an excellent example of the performance potential of flexographic printing plates from Asahi. We would like to thank Dixie Graphics and Prolamina for their outstanding work in the production of this award-winning print product. "

Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer: The details

The pinning technology for clean transfer , which is used with Asahi's flexographic printing plates, ensures clean ink transfer and prevents ink from accumulating on the plate surface and accumulating at the edges of raster points. Thus, less cleaning intervals are required and the machine downtimes become shorter. In addition, this results in a strong quality improvement in print. The high register retention achieved with Asahi printing plates ensures an extremely high-quality printing process with a solid color palette, so that special colors can be dispensed with as far as possible.

Furthermore, this technology enables a kiss-print setting in the printing gap. The polymer chemistry developed by Asahi is characterized by a low surface tension, so that a uniform dyeing of the plate can be achieved. The printing ink is formed into beads at the edge of the contact point with the plate (pinning point) and thus has a large contact angle. As a result, a cleaner and more uniform ink transfer from the plate to the substrate is achieved, which helps the flexographic printing companies to meet the ever-increasing quality requirements of their customers.

For more information on Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer and other flexographic solutions from Asahi Photoproducts Europe, please visit .

About Asahi Photoproducts

Asahi Photoproducts is a subsidiary of the Asahi Kasei Corporation, founded in 1971. The European company is located in Belgium. Asahi Photoproducts is one of the leading pioneers in the development of photopolymer flexographic printing plates. The company has set itself the goal of further developing the printing industry by creating high-quality flexographic printing solutions and continuous innovations in harmony with the environment.

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